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Everybody knows the Internet, right?

You can watch videos on YouTube, connect with friends on Facebook, or order anything you want at the click of a button and get it delivered at your doorstep.
That’s the beauty of it.

A huge chunk of the global population has become a part of the Internet. Businesses too are not any different.

The commercial world has gradually shifted from traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores to sell their products and services via online shopping stores. This change has led to increasing demand for E-commerce development services in the market.

Why do we need E-Commerce?

Selling online isn’t going to go away soon.

The E-Commerce industry has shown how businesses can scale to new heights while also cutting down their costs. Apart from benefiting the seller, it provides an advantage to the buyers as well.

How does it benefit the buyers?

  • - Location independent
  • - Quicker transactions
  • - Get more information before buying
  • - Better delivery process

How is it good for the sellers?

  • - Reduced costs of maintenance
  • - Scale to a larger geographical area
  • - Ability to target any audience through SEO and advertisements
  • - Sell any time

This is why online commerce is way better than the traditional form of doing business.

Understand your e-commerce model
Every business has a distinct set of audience in the market. Based on the choice, trade and commerce can be divided broadly into three categories:

  1. Business to Customer (B2C)
    If your business sells products and services to direct consumers, you come under this category.
    E.g. a customer buying a brand-new Samsung phone.
  2. Business to Business (B2B)
    Businesses that sell to other businesses are a part of the B2B e-commerce model. For example, ZorroApps developing an e-commerce website for your business
  3. Customer to customer (C2C)
    When the transaction takes between two customers, it is considered a C2C transaction. For example, a customer selling their old smartphone on eBay to another individual.

Based on the type of your business model, your e-commerce store can deal in various categories-

  • Retail,
  • Wholesale,
  • Drop Shipping,
  • Crowdfunding,
  • Tangible Products,
  • Services,
  • Subscription, etc.

What should an e-commerce platform offer?

There are several factors which makes an e-commerce platform stand out among its competitors:

  • - Optimized product title and description
  • - Attractive and customizable themes
  • - 24*7 customer support
  • - Flexible payment options
  • - Multiple language options (based on your audience)

Too much to handle? ZorroApps is here to help.

Our e-commerce development services:

Ecommerce Website Design and Development-
Every business needs a website to grow online. We offer highly-customized website design and development services to ensure our clients get the best.

Payment Gateway Integration-
Customers love easy payment options. We optimize the payment gateways and offer safe solutions so that the money always reaches the right place.

E-commerce Application Development-
Being on mobile is the need of the hour. We build beautiful mobile applications that have a simple user interface. It helps in reducing the bounce rate of your e-commerce platforms.

E-Commerce Solutions-
We offer various solutions for your e-commerce platform such as Chatbot integration, CRM services, and API integration like Amazon & eBay to make your products easily accessible.

Ecommerce Website Marketing-
We make sure your customers always find you. Through optimized marketing, we help increase conversions and hence, profits.

Why should you choose us?

Being one of the best IT companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our team is highly skilled in offering amazing E-commerce solutions to our clients.

We always stay updated with the latest technology so that you get the maximum value.

Our services will ensure:

  1. High product visibility
  2. Higher revenue
  3. Advanced security
  4. Easy and safe transactions

Our team loves to delight our clients with the best. Make us a part of your journey and sell better online.