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Businesses are at the heart of every economy. And how do they run?

By selling more to their customers.

Every business tries to acquire more customers and retain existing ones. This simply means improving the relationship with their customers. This is where a good CRM system comes into play.

While a word-to-word meaning of CRM is Customer Relationship Management, it has a lot more to it.

CRM refers to the entire business strategy of increasing sales, marketing, and customer service, and smoothly integrating it. Earlier, most of the businesses had to register everything about their customers manually in different places, thus making it difficult to manage.

As the business grows, the need for an efficient way to handle customer’s data becomes a necessity. From the customer’s name to how they interact with your content, everything requires a central location to be recorded.

To solve these problems, CRM systems are designed. They bring all this information on a single platform and provide useful insights about your business.

What does CRM software do?

The core idea behind using CRM software is to build better customer relations.

Some other benefits of using CRM software are:

  • All information in one place:
    Every relevant information is recorded and managed on a single platform, thus making it easier to do a customer analysis.
  • Data-driven performance:
    CRM software offers important insights that help the business in making decisions based on accurate data.
  • Reduced costs:
    Due to a collective platform to manage all the information, the overhead costs are reduced significantly.
  • Mobile access:
    Irrespective of the location, CRM software can be easily accessed by the authorized personnel with a device and Internet connection.
  • Increased Automation:
    In this digital age, automation is the need of the hour. A customized CRM software helps your business to automate several operations such as sales and marketing.
  • Customizable :
    To fit the need for various types of businesses, CRM software are highly customizable and allows enough space for modification according to the requirements.

Our Step-by-Step CRM Development Process

There are many steps involved in the process of developing CRM software. These are as follows:

Understanding your Business:
Every plan starts with a thorough research process. We put our efforts into understanding your business, its customers as well as the competitors. This also involves estimating your overall budget for the development process.

CRM Software Development:
After we are done with the research, our team starts with the development phase. We analyze your requirements and develop custom software for your business.

Smooth Data Transfer:
When the software is developed, there is a need to transfer all your pre-existing data on this unified platform. We ensure the transfer is safely completed with utmost privacy.

Quality check:
After the software is live and running, we test it for quality purposes so that there is no issue with its functionality. This also keeps it safe from malware attacks.

Organizational training:
To acquaint your team with the new CRM system, we conduct training sessions and update them about how to use it effectively.

24 hrs. Customer Support:
While we deliver the best quality service, you might face some issues while adapting to the new system. Don’t worry. Our customer support is available 24*7, thus ensuring you get the technical assistance anytime you need.

Start your CRM journey with ZorroApps

We offer our clients a complete CRM package with all the tools required for your business to flourish online. Our team of skilled professionals has experience in providing digital solutions which have helped businesses to scale their growth.

Get started with us to increase your leads, boost sales, and provide the best experience to your clients.

What does your business need?

Our company offers two distinct types of CRM Solutions. You can easily choose according to the needs of your business:

Custom CRM Solutions:
We offer CRM software built from scratch which can fit all your business needs. Moreover, you only have to pay for the services you use. So no more over-spending.

Platform-based CRM Solutions:
Platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho offer ready-made CRM Software to its customers. Our team can help you customize them as per your requirements to ensure your business adapts smoothly to the change.