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10 Best web design trends for 2021 that you shouldn't miss

In this digital age, online presence plays a vital role in brand building. A web design is one of the most crucial assets for building an online identity. The outlook of the website should appeal to the target audience. A well-designed website has the potential to turn your target audience into potential customers. Moreover, an impressive web design with an easy user experience leads to better business and profits.

Here are the ten best web design trends for 2021

Dark Mode

The dark mode is becoming super popular with mobile apps providing this theme. As it reduces eye strain, more people prefer to use dark mode on their devices. New web designs are also catching up with this trend.

Unique Colour Combination

As screen time is constantly increasing, web designers tend to use a soothing, light, and colourful colour palette. Thus a unique colour blend makes the interface seem pleasing to the audience.

3D elements

With the evolving technology, web designers are constantly experimenting with 3D designs from images to illustrations. 3D designs make the websites look intriguing as well as increasing user experience.

Unique Cursors

An extraordinary cursor is a tiny element of a web design but is a very effective tool to increase the user experience. It stimulates the visitor to spend more time navigating the site.

Voice user interface

With the increasing trend of voice searches, web designs are experimenting with its audio chatbot and assistance. It is emerging as an option to text search.

Video Embedded Dynamic Landing Pages

Landing pages aim at the visitor to take action. A video-based landing page keeps customers longer on-site and allows you to communicate with them with just eye-catching visuals.

Modern Minimalism

Minimalistic designs are becoming the focal point of websites. It embeds more focus on relevant content and conveys more in less

However, Minimalism also makes your web design look distinctive, intelligent, modernized and effortless.

Non-traditional scrolling

There has been a significant change seen from clicking to scrolling designs of pages. This scrolling technique is engaging, increases user experience, and gives better navigation to visitors.

Attractive Abstract shapes design

Another web design trend that is getting popular is abstract shapes. The figure, colour, and form of abstract convey moods and meaning. These designs give an aesthetic look to the site.

Multimedia experiences

The combination of visuals, text, video and audio in web design is the best way to increase the user experience. It provides multiple actions for the audience and keeps them stick to the site for a longer duration.